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20 Inches Long Organza Petticoat Skirt - Black

RRP: £24.99

20 Inches Long Organza Petticoat Skirt - Black

RRP: £24.99
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A bit about the product

Many dresses we sell at BlackButterfly are much more complete with one of our very own petticoats underneath! We believe this is an essential accompaniment to all mid length vintage dresses to provide maximum volume and effect. The petticoat is made from 3 tiers (3 bands from top to bottom) and 3 layers of skirt for added volume. The first top band is made from a stretchy lycra for a comfortable fit. This material is soft and comfortable and will not irritate the skin. The skirt has a hemmed in satin edge providing a high quality finish. The skirt typically reaches just below knee level depending on how high it is worn on the hips.

The model is 5' 6" & wears a UK Size 8 - 14.

Colours Available

  • Made up of 3 tiers and 3 layers
  • Silky Organza Fabric
  • Hemmed in satin edging
  • Soft and comfortable against the skin


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